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Information About Chicago's Street Sweeping Program.


The City of Chicago runs a street sweeping program which covers approximately 240,000 miles of street cleanings from April 1st to November 30th. The Department of Streets and Sanitations (DSS) runs the program and is responsible for keeping the Chicago streets clean and free of debris entering the sewer systems.


The City does not make it easy for Chicago residents to look up applicable planned street sweeping times for their location in the city. The street sweeping schedule is divided between the 50 Chicago Wards. Each Chicago Ward is divided into different sections, all containing different scheduled dates for 2012 street cleaning. Without, residents are required to find their specific Section within a specific Chicago Ward from a street sweeping map to obtain their location specific street sweeping schedule each year. As such, our site provides a free service for Chicago residents to easily obtain their applicable Ward and Section's street sweeping schedule for 2012.


For each Section within each Chicago Ward, city workers will physically put up street sweeping signs on trees to ensure curb-to-curb street sweeping. The City is required to post these signs the day before or within 24 hours of scheduled street sweeping. Each day, the street sweepers will only clean one side of the street to allow residents to park their cars across the street from the scheduled cleaning. The other side of the street will be swept the following day. When you obtain your specific schedule from, you will usually find 2 consecutive days listed every few weeks. This means one side of the street will be swept one day and the other side will be swept the following. Check the posted signs to see exactly which side of the street will be swept each day.


We will try hard to keep updating this section with the latest and greatest projects that provide services and information to releave the pressing issues of parking safely on the streets of Chicago. Please let us know about other relevant projects and sources of information that may be helpful.


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