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Developer (2013-Jun-3 03:09:45)

I apologize. We had intermittent technical difficulties. The issue is resolved now.

Ethan (2013-Jun-27 19:01:31)

Today at 9:00am street cleaning attendants were posting signs saying cars could not park today from 9-2. That is utterly ridiculous. This is in Logan square in the area of drake and Schubert. Furthermore, around a 6 block square area all had the same street cleaning signs up making finding safe parking almost impossible considering beyond that section to the east was permit only parking. Really dumb planning. I spent over half an hour and was late to work trying to find parking.

Khazimotu (2013-Jul-31 04:42:12)

I was parked on 56th and s Cornell ave in Hyde park. Sign were up on the other side of the street. However I still got a ticket. There were no signs up on the side of the street i was parked on. There were no signs up the day before to warn me. Sounds like another money making scheme to bail out chicago and burden those least capable of bearing this regressive tax.

Efrain Bueno (2013-Nov-9 03:34:04)

If I lost the ticket how and where can I find info on it, thanks

jody mcafee (2013-Dec-17 07:59:28)

I got a ticket on coulter st. (60608)November 27th 2013. Your site says street cleaning ends October 22nd and 23rd. How is this possible?

Developer (2014-Apr-1 22:11:54)

Street Sweeping will be updated for 2014 by the end of this week. STAY TUNED!

R. J. Richart (2014-Apr-1 23:22:54)

Last summer I parked on a street where there were no signs. I guess it was a street cleaning day because I got a ticket in spite of no signs. I contested the ticket by sending a letter and photos. My objections were denied and I was held liable for a bogus ticket.
Interesting that it is now April 1,2014, and the web site has dates for 2013. This does us all a lot of good. They are determined to catch us one way or another!

Developer (2014-Apr-2 08:24:42)

R.J., I definitely feel your pain. This is the whole reason I built this website! Please note that we do not work with the city administration, nor receive any money from them. We try to do our best to provide citizens with the accurate information so that the street cleaning tickets can be avoid. We are working hard on updating the schedule. It will be done in a matter of days. Stay tuned!

Asthula (2014-Apr-15 20:26:22)

You promised to several people that you will update Street Cleaning Schedule for 2014 but your site still shows schedule for 2013. Kindly, update the info, as it is very helpful. I know you must be busy with other daily life important tasks, but please do us a favor and spare couples of hours for this wonderful site. With regards and thanks

Resident (2014-Apr-15 23:23:00)

910 W Waveland street cleaning dates are inaccurate. You have them listed as next Tuesday & Wednesday, but the street cleaning is happening today and tomorrow.

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